Tear & brew pouches

Our tear and brew line is designed with convenience in mind. Each pouch is pre-weighed for the common household brewer and pour over.

25g pouch brews approximately 4 cups.

50g pouch brews approximately 8 cups.

* Tear and brew also available for commercial brewers. Contact us for more info and pricing. 

for the aeropress lover

Basal Kit for AeroPress [Includes Coffee]

Basal Kit for AeroPress [Includes Coffee]

$70 $85

Finally there is a great way to pack, protect and carry all of your essential coffee brewing equipment. This kit is perfect for your AeroPress brewing equipment and accessories. 

This kit includes:

1 x Basal Filter Coffee Traveller case

1 x Basal Pequeno Digital Scale

1 x Basal Aero Filter Jar

1 x 12 oz bag of Lima Coffee Roasters Coffee

* AeroPress is not included. 



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