Lima Coffee Roasters

ORIGAMI Japan Small Dripper


Made of Mino porcelain, the ORIGAMI dripper represents 400 years of rich history in high quality ceramic ware produced in the Toki area of Gifu prefecture. These colorful and eye-catching drippers are beautifully made and have exceptional heat-retaining capabilities.

We strongly suggest using the ORIGAMI wooden dripper collar to stabilize and avoid dripper dipping into your coffee that you may purchase here.

  • This small size dripper is suitable for 1-2 cups brewed, up to 25 grams of dry grounds
  • 20-fold design fits with original ORIGAMI Conical Filters, V60, or Kalita Wave paper filters. However, we recommend using conical filters for better air-flow
  • Ceramic material made with Mino porcelain, with excellent heat retaining properties
  • Elegantly shaped
  • Conical shape fit with most pour-over holder stands

Our recommendation: Grind the same as you would for for a V60 (medium-fine), and pair with a conical filter.

Brewing ratio:

1: 15-16 / Coffee : H20

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